Top 32 Alternatives Sites & Similar Code Editors 2023

 CodeSandbox  is a web browser may be used to access the development platform for web apps known as CodeSandbox. There is no setup necessary, so you can start working straight away. Sandboxes are simple to share with groups or coworkers, and you may make as many as you need. Codes are quickly performed while using actual update technology, allowing users to view the outcomes in the sandbox. GitHub may be connected to sandboxes.

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Your ability to express and evaluate your ideas in code should be made simpler via CodeSandbox. Additionally, it takes the hassle out of sharing your project and setting up development tools. Join us as we create the web code of the future. Every month, the platform is used by over 4 million developers. This includes businesses like Atlassian and Shopify. Over 35 million applications have been made by developers since the app’s release.

Numerous open-source projects, including React, Vue, and Babel, use it. Using a URL, you may invite your friends, coworkers, or team to come join you or just browse your project. Use any of the more than 1 million packages to swiftly and effectively create genuine, powerful apps. Directly import and execute repos from GitHub, or start in a matter of seconds by selecting from hundreds of templates. The AI-powered coding tool Boxy from CodeSandbox is now accessible to all Pro memberships.

Top 32 Alternatives Sites & Similar Code Editors 2023

Lets discuss the best 32 alternatives to and Execute live code in your browser.

#1 CodeCollab

Use code collaboration in real time. An online cooperative editor and compiler is called CodeCollab. Users of our web-based application may work together in real time via the internet. Sharing is easy with CodeCollab across all platforms. This is a fantastic approach to keeping your team’s code up-to-date. The best Alternative websites like

#2 PlatformIO

An expert collaboration platform for embedded software development is called PlatformIO. The future cooperative platform for integrated software creation is called PlatformIO. By significantly lowering the expenses and effort associated with developing and maintaining product code, it enables clients to save both time and money.

The embedded systems sector, in our opinion, has to be reimagined. In addition to being developed with technology from the 1990s, IDEs and tools also have a number of constraints and platform-specific restrictions that impede excellent developers from transitioning into embedded engineers. The most often used IDE for MS Visual Studio Code is this one. a user-friendly, flexible, integrated development environment. It has several strong tools and capabilities that will expedite the development and delivery of embedded solutions. PlatformIO is totally developed in Python and doesn’t need any other operating system libraries or tools. The best alternatives reddit app.

#3 JSFiddle

There are four panels in JSFiddle, which leverage the idea of panels (or tabs, if you change to the tabbed layout). One enables you to examine HTML-structured code; three allow you to enter code; and three allow you to see the results. The doctype head and body are not necessary. Styles in CSS are automatically inserted. You may modify the behavior of the precursor to SCSS or JavaScript.

You can employ a variety of frameworks and code preprocessors. After entering the code, select “Run” from the top activity bar. The findings will be shown in the fourth panel. The editor in SFiddle has the option to switch to a different grid layout from the default 2×2 one. A tabbed mode is also provided. Grids are adjustable in size. The results window may also be resized so that you can view its width (great for media queries). The best Code alternatives reddit app.

#4 Replit Ghostwriter

Yesterday, learning to code was sluggish, boring, and challenging. All of it is now feasible thanks to Replit’s AI-based in-browser coder. Time is money; get rid of a rut. You can break out of your rut with the assistance of a ghostwriter. Open up your imagination. In addition to teaching you how to code, the ghostwriter may create websites and come up with feature ideas. Learn while doing. While you code, Ghostwriter enables you to pick up novel languages and APIs. The new benchmark for software development is Ghostwriter, which is respected by software developers everywhere.

#5 CodeTasty

Modern, intelligent, and extendable cloud IDE. With capabilities that are available solely in cloud-based applications, CodeTasty provides a robust IDE. You can develop clear, legible code in real-time with our IDE. With features like built-in compilation, code completion, and error detection, the code editor provides a silky-smooth experience. Open the IDE and begin coding. Nothing has to be installed; you can get to work on your project right away. When processing files in the cloud, experience performance similar to that on a desktop. Unlike on a PC, you are able to observe what your coworkers are doing. We are aware that every developer has different requirements. Numerous extensions are available for installation to boost productivity. More than 40 distinct languages are supported by CodeTasty. All major programming languages and up to 100,000 lines of code are supported by the editor.

#6 Raftt

The hassles of setting up, preserving, and exchanging development environments on a local system are eliminated via Raftt. Containers were developed to make manufacturing simpler, not for development. Even if you are able to get past the difficult-to-manage drift and degradation in the local environments, you will still need several hours to attempt to understand what is going on. You can construct an infinite number of remote environments using Raft’s platform so that your code can run. You can try this free alternatives.

Using your current workflows or IDEs, you can still experience local development without sacrificing the localization sensation. With Raftt, you may provide your coworkers with a link to your remote development system. Real-time collaboration and debugging are possible. Even if you transition to a new feature, your product lead can still view the link. By altering their nature, Raftt enables interactive container debugging within your IDE. Now, if the container’s primary process fails, it no longer crashes.

#7 Glitch

Glitch is a browser-based collaborative programming environment that launches code as soon as you start typing. From full-stack Node apps to static webpages, Glitch is capable of helping build anything. There’s no need to start from scratch. Instead, to test and deploy on Glitch, you may modify an existing starting app or clone an app using services like GitLab and GitHub. Please try this free Codesandbox alternatives.

The most popular JavaScript frameworks may be expanded upon. Your favorite businesses share applications on Glitch that give you access to their APIs. On personal or public projects, invite people to participate. Any browser may be used to view the private.env files. Secrets such as API keys are kept private. There is no deployment configuration necessary. Your Glitch app launches with your own URL or custom domain as soon as you start a new project. You may invite people to view your code by embedding it anywhere.

#8 Codeanywhere

A development environment may be quickly and easily deployed using the Cloud IDE. You may use this to code, learn, grow, and work on projects with others. You won’t remember using any other code editors after using our web-based CodeAnywhere editor. All of the major programming languages, such as C/C++, JavaScript, Go, Java, TypeScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, and many others, are fully supported. Auto-complete, code the definition, code restructure, and rename symbols are examples of intelligent editing tools. Please try this free Codesandboxalternatives.

Breakpoints, call stacks, and an interactive terminal can all be used to debug code. With all the functionality, the git client Easily extensible with a wide range of additions. Additionally, you can build powerful containers that can be customized for the programming environment in a matter of seconds. With full sudo access, you may run your code on our infrastructure. environments for development that are prebuilt and support all of the major programming languages.

#9 JetBrains Datalore

In order to enhance the overall analytics process and make dealing with data more fun for both data scientists and data-savvy business teams, Datalore is a platform for cooperative data science and analytics. Data teams’ workflow is the main focus of the collaboration platform Datalore. It gives tech-savvy business people the chance to collaborate with data teams utilizing Jupyter Notebooks’ strengths of no-code and low-code. Business users may self-serve their analytics with Datalore.

They can produce reports, delve deeply into the data, and interact with the data utilizing SQL or no-code cells. Core data teams may concentrate on easier tasks as a result. Data scientists and analysts may communicate their findings with ML engineers using Datalore. On strong CPUs and GPUs, you may share your code alongside ML engineers and work in real-time collaboration with your coworkers.

#10 PythonAnywhere

Start without charge. You may access computers that already have a full Python environment set up with the basic plan. You may construct and host a website from your browser without having to install any software or administer your own server. Write your application down. A web server does not need to be installed or maintained. Everything is prepared for use. The best Similar websites like

Your development environment is transportable. If you have a browser and an Internet connection, you will have all you need. Students and instructors can utilize PythonAnywhere, a complete Python environment. It enables you to concentrate on teaching rather than worrying about setting up. Want assistance with PythonAnywhere? Contact the development team to have a direct conversation with them. aid from developers. We streamline a difficult procedure so you can concentrate on building cutting-edge solutions for your users.

#11 Toast

Do not close your eyes. Block coworkers. Keep hacking time secure. We provide full on-premise installation support. packaged as a Docker container for easy setup. Toast connects Slack with GitHub. For groups of three people or less, for open-source initiatives, academic endeavors, and other uses, Toast will continue to be free. When we receive information about you from you on our website,, or any other website we own or control, Toast Ninja Inc. is dedicated to respecting your privacy. To use Toast, you must initially set up the Toast GitHub app on your GitHub account. We have API access to your GitHub problems, members, metadata, status checks, requests for pull requests, and metadata thanks to the GitHub App. We gather the names, usernames, profiles, photographs, and usernames of the people who are a part of your GitHub organizations. We neither ask for nor are granted access to the source code of your program.

#12 AWS Cloud9

AWS You may use a web browser with Cloud9 to develop, execute, and debug code. A code editor, terminal, and debugger are included. The necessary tools for well-known programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and PHP are pre-installed on Cloud9. This implies that in order to begin new projects, you do not need to install files or setup your development machine.

Anyone with an internet connection, including your home, business, or other locations, may utilize Cloud9 IDE. To create serverless apps, Cloud9 offers a smooth development environment. You may define resources, do debugging, and choose between local and remote execution. With Cloud9, you can track each other’s inputs and rapidly share your development environment.The best alternatives reddit app.

#13 CodePen

A group for front-end designers and developers is called CodePen. A website can be created and released. Display your work or develop instances of testing to learn from, troubleshoot, or motivate others. Discover inspiration from 1.8 million+ front-end designers and developers. Discover and share the best front-end designers’ and developers’ work. There are several customization options available in the CodePen Editor. For speed and accuracy, Emmet and autocomplete are accessible.

To make it simpler to begin fresh work, intelligent defaults may be set up. On your own website, you may entirely alter how code demos look. How may the appearance of your website be altered? All of your embedding pens will adapt to the new theme if you change it. In a pens, a picture must be included. You do not need to look for other hosting. Drag and drop the picture onto CodePen instead. We’ll be the hosts. You are not restricted to using only photos. together with media assets, CSS, JSON, and SVG files. Projects are CodePen’s most potent feature.

#14 C++Builder

A comprehensive design and development application for contemporary apps is C++Builder. Ready to produce the finest user interfaces of your life? The foundation for stunning, user-friendly user interfaces that function on Windows, macOS, and iOS is provided by our VCL system for Windows (FMX) visual framework. Without having to repeat your design efforts, you may design your primary UI layout once and then quickly alter platform- or device-specific views. The best alternatives reddit app.

Drag and drop graphic or non-visual components with our visual designer. You may visually link user interface components with data sources using the LiveBindings Designer. You may verify your design and broadcast it to several devices at once using Live On-Device Preview. With resolution-aware components, responsive design may be introduced to desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Use platform-specific native controls for an improved user experience.


You can create, code, host, and distribute quick static websites with All of your site data or project files may be quickly deployed to our NVMe memory servers. This will guarantee that your website loads as quickly as possible. More than 150 languages for programming are supported by our IDE. A panel with tools, shortcuts, and real-time code interpretation is included. You can easily manipulate code by searching, replacing, selecting, and cutting. Over 1000 free templates are available on for free usage, and they may be exported from GitHub. You may always get assistance from ChatGPT, which has been integrated, to finish, enhance, or fix the code or content. is a platform that is perfect for developers and designers of all skill levels who want to quickly create stunning, quick, and secure websites.

#16 IDX Project

A brand-new experimental program called Project IDX seeks to move the whole multiplatform, full-stack mobile application creation cycle into the cloud. The online workspace that Project IDX starts with will be both new and familiar to developers. Our trip is just getting started. As we endeavor to improve application development, we would sincerely appreciate hearing from you.

With Project IDX, you can rapidly get up and running while taking advantage of Google Cloud’s security and scalability. Open your browser to create an application on any device in a matter of seconds, as opposed to weeks. You may create a mobile application that is cross-platform compatible with Project IDX. For well-known frameworks like Angular.js, Next.js, React, Svelte, and Flutter, it provides templates. Soon, Go and Python will be supported. Your current applications may be imported from GitHub. Support is offered for the majority of tech stacks.

#17 Visual Studio

An IDE with all the features you need to code like, debug, and test on every platform Faster coding. Work more wisely. You may shape the future with the aid of the top-tier IDE. You may create using the whole toolkit, from original design to final deployment. For C++ files, IntelliSense performance is enhanced. localization utilizing a variety of widely used emulators. Solution Explorer makes it easier to access tests. Within the IDE, manage your repos and create new ones. Workload on Microsoft Azure now supports Kubernetes.

#18 Wing Python IDE

Wing To offer a better Python development platform, the Python IDE was created from the ground up. Wing will handle the intricacies, allowing you to type less. Python code may be written interactively in the real-time runtime, giving you quick feedback. quickly navigate through code and documentation. You may prevent typical blunders and uncover the main problem quickly with the aid of Wing’s in-depth Python analysis. Your code will remain clean with intelligent restructuring and code quality checks. Debugging is possible for every Python code.

Debug data may be examined and used to test issue fixes without forcing your program to restart. On a VM, box, host, or at a distance, you may work. You will have a better Pythonic development environment thanks to your Python Ui experience. Wing is entirely expandable using Python and was created in Python from the ground up. You can work more efficiently.

#19 Koding

Your company may create and share entirely computerized environments for development on any infrastructure thanks to Koding. This is beneficial for microservices, containers, and contemporary distributed applications. With Koding, programmers and team leaders can build and share completely automated development environments for contemporary distributed apps, microservices, and containers on any infrastructure.

They may easily accelerate their creativity and independence thanks to this. Spend more time creating and less time configuring! Your team’s collaboration and code sharing capabilities extend to your development environment as well. No more sharing of screens. Either make it open to the entire team or share your development environment in real time. Your staff will be enabled to see process inefficiencies and assist them in prioritizing and addressing them. In a firm with thousands of developers, setting up development environments takes up at least a quarter of their annual time. Koding enables you to go at your own pace.

#20 RunCode

You can work on code projects in a web browser like with RunCode’s online workspaces. With an editor for code, a terminal, and access to a number of tools and libraries, these workspaces provide a full programming environment. You may set up these workspaces on your own computer, and they are simple to use.

#21 CodeStream

A free add-on for JetBrains, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code is called CodeStream. A collaborative tool called CodeStream improves your development operations. It supports handling issues from Jira and Trello as well as pull requests from GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab. Email, Microsoft Teams, and Slack are all connected for code conversations. There are also notifications for the editor. Understanding, reviewing, and producing code more quickly is made simpler with CodeStream. Please try this free Codesandbox alternatives.

Simply choose the code and enter your query to get started. You may preserve institutional knowledge with the aid of your source code. includes in-editor alerts, Slack and Teams integration from Microsoft, and email support. Code comments are simple to make. Just choose the code and enter your query. Code authors are listed automatically according to git blame information. Code placements across branches and the insertion of new code are linked to conversation threads.

#22 OpenShift Dev Spaces for Red Hat

Every member of the IT or development group may utilize Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, which is built on the Eclipse Che projects and uses Kubernetes containers to deliver a consistent, secure, and zero-configuration environment. In comparison to a fully developed environment on your PC, the experience is equally quick and comfortable. Your OpenShift membership includes access to OpenShift Developer Spaces.

The operator hub is where you can locate them. It provides operations with centralized management and peace of mind while providing developers with a more dependable and effective platform to work on. Using our Red Hat OpenShift Developer Sandbox featuring OpenShift Dev Spaces without cost, you can start developing right now. Because their application and development environment is containerized and running on OpenShift, developers can concentrate on writing code. All of this can be done without needing to understand Kubernetes’ specifics. Workspaces may be managed and watched over by administrators in the same ways as other Kubernetes resources.

#23 Cursor

code editor with AI at its core. Use an editor that is intended for AI-paired programming to produce software more quickly. For use on security-critical projects, all of your favorite VS Code extensions may be migrated with just one click. VSCode is imitated by Cursor. With a single click, export all of your keybindings, themes, and addons. No information is saved in local mode to our server or logs. Don’t look for code that is exclusive to your repository. Spend less time looking for the ideal approach or starting point for a new change. Make direct references to files, code definitions, and documentation. A whole class or method can be changed with only one command. Use a single command to start writing code from scratch. Using Cursor, you can rapidly find and repair any flaws in your code.

#24 GitHub Copilot

Your AI programming partner You may receive ideas from your editor for whole lines or complete functions using GitHub Copilot. A computer called GitHub Copilot has been educated on untold trillions of lines of open source code. It helps you focus and saves you time. As of right now, there is a Microsoft Visual Studio Code Extension for GitHub Copilot. It works on your PC, at GitHub Codespaces in the cloud, or on any Microsoft Visual Studio Code platform. You can type as you speak because of how simple and quick it is to use. The best Free Alternative to

GitHub Copilot works with a broad variety of programming languages and frameworks. Particularly effective with the languages TypeScript, Python, Ruby, which is Ruby, and Go, which is the technical preview, However, it can also assist you in practically any circumstance and grasp dozens of languages. With GitHub Copilot, control is always yours. You may select from a number of ideas, decide whether to accept or reject them, and manually alter the code. GitHub Copilot makes modifications and adjusts to your coding style.

#25 CodeTogether

A team that values cooperation produced CodeTogether, which perfectly balances simplicity and functionality. The finest tool for combining pair and mob programming is CodeTogether. You’ll be astounded at how much a screen-sharing tool plus a code editor can improve team development.

VS Code, IntelliJ, or Eclipse are all capable of hosting or participating in pair programming sessions. Even if people use various IDEs, they may all join the meeting from their local one. No additional client is needed! Your teammates can join a pair of coding sessions from any current browser by clicking on a URL you can provide them. No registration, download, or installation are required. Start typing after choosing your favorite IDE’s theme and keybindings. The best Free Alternative to

#26 Collabedit

Real-time collaboration is made simple with the web-based code editor Collabedit. When you start a new document, you may select the syntax highlighting for several programming languages. These figures represent an estimation of the popularity of various programming languages among users of Collabedit. Email and instant messaging are poor choices for code exchange. Both the typefaces and the whitespace are not preserved.

Spell check is also a hindrance. They are more effective than paste bins but too immobile for teamwork. They are only able to cut and copy because they lack an editor. Syntax highlighting, collaborative real-time conversation, versioning, and syntax reminders are all included in Collabedit. It’s important to strike a careful balance while teaching between letting pupils do and teaching them how. With Collabedit, instructor and student may collaborate on a project together without being bothered by other tools’ interruptions.

#27 Codespaces

With the editor, terminal debugger, version control, and settings sync, the code editor in Visual Studio is fully functional. You can use your desktop or continue working in the browser. For whatever size project, setting up an entirely new development environment is made simple with pre-built images. The best Alternative websites like Codesandbox.

In about 10 seconds, GitHub’s 35GB development image is ready. Your cloud virtual machines can extend to 32 cores and 64GB of RAM. You won’t even realize it’s not your local PC thanks to low-latency connections spread over four areas. You may share your edits with your coworkers and preview them in the browser. Every geeky detail is supported by your dotfiles repository.

#28 GitLive

Extend Git with real-time collaborative abilities. Connect. Connect. Automated. Connect your issue tracker, then share the branch-specific issues you are working on. Live. In the editor’s gutter, you may view the modifications made by others and be alerted if you make a contradictory change. Patch. View the differences between the local files of different contributors and choose specific files, lines, or whole working copies. Codeshare. You may call people on voice and video with Codeshare right from your editor. Agnostic. Edit collectively at the same time, compatible with Visual Studio Code and other JetBrains IDEs.

#29 Kodezi

Allow Kodezi to quickly summarize your code. For programmers, Kodezi is Grammarly. You may ask questions, conduct searches, code, and produce content with KodeziChat. Your AI coding helper! Kodezi offers more than just code fixes. It explains the causes and how to avoid such issues in the future. Reduce unused lines to guarantee clear code and syntax. Make sure your code is as efficient as possible. The best Alternative websites like Codesandbox.

Debug the code and provide explanations. Without sacrificing context, you may change between frameworks in just a couple of seconds. For future maintenance, it is essential to comment and explain the code. You may produce code from text, respond to a coding-related inquiry, or develop a whole function in a couple of seconds. Create the documentation for your code. Translate computer language into code. Make sure your code is as efficient as possible. You won’t ever have to open fresh tabs again if you utilize our addon in your own IDE.

#30 Codepad

Developers may exchange and store code snippets on Codepad. It’s a great developer community that can assist with the code snippets and help you finish tasks faster. The entire community can see the tidbits you share. You may pick your preferred programming language and whether you want a public, confidential, or part-private snippet. Your code snippets will be beautifully organized if you add and categorize them in collections. The best Subsitute like

With the snippet version, you have simple control and navigation. The previous code that was written is still accessible. If you are a freelancer or a corporation, you may get work offers and partnership possibilities straight to your registered email. To learn more, check out the profiles of the best Codepad developers. Their most recent code samples will be shown immediately on your timeline.

#31 Taiga

In your Slack tab, the power of ChatGPT combines the Coyotiv School of Software Engineering’s expertise. To assist students in learning software engineering, Taiga offers personalized recommendations, real-time feedback, and coaching. Our AI-based platform promotes interactivity and teamwork among students. This enables you to interact with others and maximize your coding experience.

Taiga is not only a chatbot. Without leaving your Slack tab, it is brimming with features that will help you become a more skilled developer, save time, and sharpen your coding abilities. Taiga’s step-by-step instructions come with thorough justifications, abundant examples, and helpful advice. Getting assistance with evaluating your code, deciphering error signals, or determining areas for improvement is now simpler than ever.

#32 Code Whisperer by Amazon

A ML-powered-poweredassistant facilitates quicker app development. Application development will be sped up by software recommendations based on your code and editor comments. Artificial intelligence (AI) may be used responsibly by developers to build safe and correctly structured apps. Create comprehensive functions and logical chunks of code without having to look up and modify online code samples. The best Similar websites like Codesandbox.

You may stay focused and not leave the IDE with real-time customized code suggestions for Java, JavaScript, or Python applications. By providing code recommendations based on developers’ remarks in natural language processing and coding in the integrated development environment (IDE), Amazon CodeWhisperer, enabled by artificial intelligence (ML), assists developers in increasing their productivity. Developers may speed up front-end as well as back-end development with the help of automatic code recommendations. To create and train ML models, CodeWhisperer may produce code.

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