PDFBear Guide: An Efficient Way To Split Your PDF Files While Using An Online Tool

One of the most challenging tasks in handling online documents is when you are needed to split your PDF files into half. This task is doable but requires a lot of effort and might take you hours to do so. As we have innovative technology that surrounds us for the better, a third-party online tool can help us do this task easier in today’s event.

In this article, you will read information about an online tool that can help you with most of the online documents you might encounter and how to Split your PDF file while using the well-grounded platform of PDFBear.

Things About PDFBear

One of the best online tools to help you split your PDf files during this generation is using the online tool Split PDF, which you can only operate in the online platform of PDFBear. They have been serving this unique online tool for people who have a hard time splitting their documents. Hence, having a third-party online tool to lessen the activity, you are supposed to go through.

Although we are talking about the online tool called Split PDF, PDFBear also incorporates other online tools you can use for the different types of needs you have for your online documents. Some examples are Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete PDF Pages, Compress PDF, Repair PDF, Edit PDF, PDF Reader, Share Document, Number Pages, and more.

There are still a lot more online tools you can explore when visiting their website. Hence, being open-minded in things like this can help you ease the difficulties you have with online documents and help boost your productivity in school, work, or other events where you might need to use an online document.

PDFBear changes how we handle our online documents is just an example of our technology moving forward. Hence, keeping up with the evolution of the way things work is a great help for us. To give you an example of how their platform works, here is how you can start splitting your PDF files.

How To Split PDF Files

When using their platform to configure your PDF files, the activity you will have to partake in is minimal. Visiting their website is the first thing you need to do and find the online tool you need from their well organized online tools. When you have clicked on them, instructions will appear to help you with your conversion journey.

Take note that every online tool is incorporated with different types of instructions. A reason for that is to comply with the different kinds of online document necessities that every user might be needing. To start your PDFBear journey in configuring your PDF file, here is how you can split PDF files.

  • The first step is to transfer the PDF files from your desktop or device. You can use two different actions in doing this task. First, you can click on your PDF files from your desktop to directly upload your PDF file. The second is to use their unique features, which allow you to drag the PDF files that you want to split and drop them into a toolbox to upload the PDF file.
  • The second step will allow you to choose the pages you want to remove from the original copy. Click on each of them if you want them to be removed.
  • If you are satisfied with the pages that you wish to withdraw from the original PDF file. You will be able to see a “Refine” Button, which you can click if you are done picking the pages you want to remove. This will allow PDFBear to start processing your PDF file.
  • The fourth and last step is relocating the newly converted PDF file to your desired storage locations.


The amount of knowledge you can learn in using online documents is as vast as the sea. Hence, keeping yourself available in learning new stuff and new ways of handling your online documents can be a great advantage in your everyday life. PDFBear has its own way of utilizing the things you can do to your online documents.

Online tools are becoming a norm, and most individuals are accustomed to using them. Hence, leading you to make your own decision in using an online tool or not. There is nothing wrong with learning and trying new stuff that might help with your own productivity. Overall this is a must-try platform if you are handling online documents.

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