Top 10 Best Torrent9 Alternatives For 2022[Proxy, Mirrors]

Torrent9 is a reputable BitTorrent website that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Torrent9 exceeds many other torrent sites in various ways due to its simplicity and massive library of torrent files. For numerous users all across the world, Torrent9 has ceased operating. Torrents can now be downloaded using these Torent9 options.

What is Torrent9 New Address?

If torrent9’s new working address is, and the torrent site is not functioning for you, you may want to check for its proxies and mirrors, which are listed below. Alternatively, you can unblock torrent9 by using a VPN.

Torrent9 Proxy And Mirror Sites

Due to legal concerns, Torent9 is restricted in numerous countries and areas. If you are unable to access Torrent9, you can unblock Torrent9 torrents by using these Torrent9 proxy and mirror sites.

Torrent9 Proxy Sites List

These are the top 5 Torrent9 proxy sites that will allow you to easily unblock Torent9 torrents. Furthermore, most countries do not prohibit the use of proxy sites.


To access these Torent9 proxy sites, simply copy and paste these URLs into the search field.

Why Use Torrent9 Proxy And Mirror Sites?

The ability to access the actual Torrent9 website is the key benefit of using Torrent9 Proxy and Mirror Sites. Torrent9’s proxy and mirror sites make it simple to download your favourite TV episodes, movies, and documentaries.

Furthermore, the utilisation of Torrent9 mirror sites eliminates the necessity for a VPN to use this website. Finally, Torent9 proxy sites can be useful if Torrent9 is blocked in your country.

VPN To Unblock Torrent9

As previously stated, Torrent9 is restricted in a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Morocco.

Fortunately, you can access Torrent9 in these areas by using VPN services. You can actually look at our list of the Top VPNs for Torrenting. If a VPN service does not fix your problem, you might try these reliable Torrent9 alternatives.

Top 10 Torrent9 Alternatives

1. 1337X

1337X is the first and most dependable Torrent9 alternative on the list. This well-designed torrent site offers a large selection of torrent files and magnet connections. Users may share the greatest torrent files for free download on 1337x. The content of 1337X is very neatly organised into several divisions such as music, software, movies, and much more.

2. Katcr.Co

Kickass Torrents is the next safe torrent site for downloading free movies (Katcr). This new website was created by a bunch of former KickassTorrent employees. Kickass Torrents offers a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Kickass Torrents, like Torrent9, organises their content into many categories such as Movies, TV app, Music, Games, Applications, and much more. Finally, filter tools such as categories, sub-categories, and interval make finding information on a breeze.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a hugely famous torrent website with a tonne of features. This Torrent9 alternative provides verified torrents from various categories such as Movies, TV app, Games, Software, and much more.

The Pirate Bay’s user interface is minimalistic, with merely a search bar on the homepage. The Top 100 section lists the most popular torrents, and this list is regularly updated. It should be noted that The Pirate Bay is restricted in many countries and regions.
So you may compare the best Pirate Bay alternatives.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle is an excellent Torrent9 option for movie fans. Zooqle’s well-designed user interface helps the website stand out from the crowd Zooqle, unlike the other websites on the list, solely offers movies and TV series.

Zooqle also provides thorough information about each movie or TV show on the site, such as actors, directors, and release dates. Zooqle provides an easy one-click download option, and the ability to select video quality is very useful. Finally, Zooqle’s site highlights the most recently uploaded movies and TV episodes.

5. YTS

Another Torrent9 alternative that is extremely popular among moviegoers is YTS. You may quickly download an extensive library of numerous famous and rare movies in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution with YTS. YTS, like Torrent9, features a well-designed user interface that makes browsing and discovering movies a breeze.

YTS also gives thorough information about many movies, such as cast names, trailers, and synopsis. YTS, unlike other Torrent9 competitors, does not offer anything other than movie torrents.


RARBG is the second best Torrent9 alternative on the list. RARBG, like Torrent9, provides a massive library of torrent files and magnet connections. RARBG’s content is very neatly organised into many sections such as Movies, Games, e-books, and much more.

RARBG features a very simple and easy-to-use user interface, and the website only displays confirmed torrents. Finally, RARBG includes a section dedicated to torrent-related news.

7. Torlock

Torlock is one of the torrent sites that exclusively lists verified torrents. As a result, there will be no false torrent content on Torlock. On its site, this popular Torrent9 alternative displays some of the most popular torrents.

Torlock’s content, like that of other Torrent9 rivals, is very neatly arranged into numerous divisions like as Movies, TV series, Games, E-books, and much more. In terms of drawbacks, adverts on Torlock may irritate certain users.

8. iDope

Next on the list is iDope, a Torren9 rival that looks like a search engine. On the homepage, there is a large search box similar to Google.
Use it to look for torrents of movies, TV series, music, and other media. The search results show combined categories in All, while additional categories are found under distinct tabs.

By clicking on the magnet link symbol next to a result, you can download a torrent directly from the search. In fact, magnet links are the only way to download torrents from iDope.


EZTV is the greatest alternative to Torrent9 on the list. EZTV’s user interface appears to be archaic, yet it is still a feature-rich torrent service EZTV has a large library of exclusive movies, music, and TV shows. In addition, the website’s homepage showcases the most recent torrent news. Overall, EZTV is an excellent torrent site for media fans.

10. LimeTorrents

The final Torrent9 option on the site is very new, but it has acquired popularity owing to its useful features. LimeTorrents provides verified torrent downloads with a single click.

LimeTorrents’ content, like that of other Torrent9 competitors, is divided into categories like as movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software.

What Is Torrent9 New Address?

The most recent Torrent9 website is

Is Torrent9 Safe?

Torrent9 is a perfectly safe website that will not cause you any security difficulties. Users are cautioned not to use any unknown Torrent9 mirror or Torrent9 proxy since they may request credit card information or potentially deliver malware or adware.

Is Torrenting Legal?

“Is Torrenting Legal?” is one of the most often asked questions about downloading Torrent content. In theory, it is. However, downloading and sharing copyrighted content is a criminal offence.

In reality, the owner of the copyright may take legal action against you. This falls under the purview of pirated content. Torrenting, on the other hand, is totally lawful if you are sharing now-copyrighted content.


So they are some of the greatest Torrent9 options that you should look into. We also listed Torren9 proxy list domains that work without a hitch. Please leave any further personal recommendations in the comments area below.


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