Top 15 Best YesMovies Alternatives of 2022

Are you seeking for YesMovies alternatives as well? This post will show you 15 Best YesMovies Alternatives You Didn’t Know About. If you want watching movies online, you’ve probably heard about YesMovies has grown in popularity among moviegoers since it is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to watch and download movies without any hassle.

You can search through thousands of movies to view them in high quality for free! However, there live a few circumstances where the YesMovies do not function properly. Due to heavy usage, the servers occasionally crash and fail to respond to your request; as a result, you will be unable to access the site.

Does this, however, suggest that you should avoid watching your favourite movies? No, no, no! We’ve compiled a list of this greatest websites, such as YesMovies, that you can use to watch and download movies on the move.

Examine this list to see what we have in store for you! Here is a genuine list of 15 websites that you can use if is unavailable or inaccessible. The reason we listed 15 websites is to provide you with a variety of options from which to choose based on your needs.

Best 15 YesMovies Alternatives


If you are unable to acquire access to free motion pictures online, Flixtor is a free platform that allows you to watch movies also TV series without registering. The website appears to be well-organized, with no distracting popups or advertisements. Furthermore, you can watch thousands of movies and access the content that has had the most views in your area.

Flixtor is a famous alternative to YesMovies because it allows you to watch movies without downloading anything. There is no need to subscribe or purchase anything because Flixtor is a free to use site. Do you have some free time?

You may also watch trailers and read about the films to learn about their cast and other important features. Overall, if you appreciate watching HD video, this completely free online movie watching site should be your first choice.


Vumoo’s functionalities and user interface may differ from those of YesMovies, but the site is simple to use once you’ve explored some of its capabilities. You may use it to watch movies and TV shows online in high definition without having to join up, which saves you a lot of time Furthermore, Vumoo has fewer advertisements than other YesMovies rivals, allowing you to view movies without interruption.

If you need to stream the material in high resolution, you can select HD quality. The main drawback to utilising Vumoo is that there is no filter option, so you cannot filter movies or TV shows by genre. You must use the search bar to find the content you want to watch. Finally, Vumoo is a free website that offers a premium experience, therefore there is no need to gain money through subscriptions.

3. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is an exceptionally popular platform for watching movies online. PopcornFlix is one of those unusual movie-watching platforms with domain. You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to use the website because it has a user-friendly interface.

On the homepage, you’ll find a search tool that will allow you to find your favourite TV shows and movies to watch. Because the platform is reputable, there is no requirement to be concerned about your security being affected.

There is one feature that makes PopcornFlix a fantastic website, and that is that there are no lags when streaming. If you keep a reliable internet connection, you can stream material quickly. The most popular movies and television shows are shown on the site, and you can filter material by genre and type. Yes, there are numerous advertising and popups, but they aren’t too bothersome, so you may enjoy viewing movies on Popcornflix.

4. BMovies

BMovies is an alternate website to YesMovies ag where you can watch movies and television shows online in HD quality. The website provides a large range of TV shows and movies that are well-categorized so that you can obtain the stuff that you want.

Furthermore, you may access the information by filtering it by nation and genre. The best aspect is that the website provides a list of films with IMDB ratings, so you can quickly determine whether the film is worth viewing or not.

This website’s user interface is straightforward, with a search box on the homepage that allows you to look up TV episodes and movies. The only thing that will annoy you are the regular popups and adverts because it is a free platform that does not need registration.

Simply go to the website, search for the films and television episodes you want to watch, also you’ll be able to watch them on your smart device, tablet, or laptop.

5. Amazon Prime

Choose Amazon Prime if you don’t mind paying a few dollars to watch high-quality content without commercials. Amazon Prime is well-known for its exclusive TV series available only to Prime Members. You receive unlimited access to thousands of movies and television shows that you may watch whenever you want.

As you pay for an Amazon Prime membership, you receive several unique features when compared to other sites such as You may sign up on many devices at the same time, which means your family can watch movies alongside you. Simply install the Amazon Prime app on your smartphone, tablet, or smart television, and you’re ready to go. You also get a 30-day free trial, which is readily available for new users. There are an infinite number of movies and series accessible on Prime, and you may stream anything in HD resolution without any latency.

6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a popular alternative to YesMovies since it is simple to use and contains a large library of movies and television series. If other movie streaming websites aren’t easily available in your country, you should go with SolarMovie.

The online movie watching platform is simple to use, and you may begin watching movies and television shows without joining up or purchasing a subscription. You can watch movies without having to download them, which is what you may be looking for.

This filter option allows you to narrow down films based on your preferences. If you don’t mind seeing adverts and popups in between, this is one of the greatest platforms available.

7. PutLocker

If you like to watch a collection of very good movies, we recommend PutLocker. The platform is completely free to use and allows you to watch movies and TV series without paying a dime. Furthermore, there is no need for registration, which is another advantage of using PutLocker.

The films are organised in such a way that you can easily access them. You can look for movies by genre, IMDB rating, or alphabetical order In addition, there is a search box that lets you to look for movies without having to walk through the list or collection.

Every category on PutLocker includes a large number of movies available in HD resolution. You may even watch movie trailers if you wish. Using PutLocker is straightforward, and there is no requirement for you to purchase a subscription pack.

8. XMovies8

If any of the aforementioned sites are down, it would be fantastic to watch movies online on XMovies8. The site contains a library of television programmes, television shows, and motion pictures that you can watch for free without including to sign up or register.

Another reason XMovies8 is superior to Yes Movies is the availability of subtitles. As a result, you can watch movies other foreign languages as well. The user interface, like those of other online movie watching platforms, is simple to use, so you won’t have any issues while watching movies.

When you use XMovies8, you will also get access to several additional features. Nonetheless, because it is a totally free motion picture viewing website, there are frequent popups and advertisements that appear on the screen.

9. Watch Free

You may watch all movies on Watch Movies without having to download them. The software genuinely allows you to stream movies online with no lags at all, allowing you to spend your time watching what you want. There is a variety of HD movies available on Watch Free that can be seen without signing up or registering.

Because Watch Free is completely free to use, there is no need to sign up for a subscription. Filtering movies is now simple, depending on your preferences, since you may search for the Top 100 or the most recent films.

You can also quickly watch top-rated movies that aren’t available on most free movie-watching services. The website functions properly, with only a few instances of outage. There is a real register button on the website, but you should avoid clicking on it because the movies are free to watch without registration.


Rainierland’s user interface and layout differ slightly from YesMovies’, but you won’t have any issues while using it. The site offers a simple user interface that is straightforward to use, and you may start watching movies on the go without joining up or registering.

Depending on your preferences and taste, you can search for films and television shows. Because the platform is efficient, it is easy to access the best-rated and most-viewed movies. The best films and television shows are only a click away, and the platform does not demand a subscription or registration cost.

However, you may see several popups and advertisements when watching movies, which is understandable given that it is a free platform.
You can filter films by genre, but there are no IMDB ratings available. Similarly, you will be unable to view the most recent film trailers.

11. Prime Wire

Prime Wire was inaccessible for a few months, but it is now readily available to allow you to watch movies and TV series. The platform interface is actually the same as previously, and movie recommendations appear on the homepage. You’ll also get information about the TV show’s schedule and availability.

The nicest aspect about Prime Wire is that you can instantly construct a playlist to watch your favourite movies and TV series. There is a range of filters available that allow you to shortlist movies based on category and rating.

The information regarding movie ratings is actually available on the website, so you may look for the most popular movies while you’re on the road. There are numerous links to watch movies on the website, so if one link does not work, try the other. You may also simply check other viewers’ reviews and remarks, thus utilising Prime Wire will be enjoyable.

12. CMovies

If you can’t access YesMovies because the website is down, you can view movies on CMovies. The online movie watching platform is operational the majority of the time, so you can watch movies whenever you like. There is no requirement register or sign up because the platform allows you to view movies on the go.

The homepage has a search box and several movie suggestions, allowing you to quickly find out what popular series or movies people in your area are watching. You can also filter movies based on their IMDB rating and reviews.

The best thing about CMovies is that you don’t have to register or sign up to watch them. Furthermore, the site has a straightforward interface, and there are no deceptive links or alternatives available on the website that could expose you to scammers. CMovies is a good alternative to YesMovies, but every movie you watch contains a few advertisements.

13. Movie4u

Movie4u, like YesMovies, is a good service that allows you to watch movies without having to download them. The website is usually available, and you can use it even if you don’t have a VPN. Browsing through different movies is actually rather simple, and you can filter them depending on genre, such as comedy, action, or adventure. Furthermore, you may quickly select movies based on their release date to see only the most recent films.

You can effortlessly watch entire seasons of popular TV shows like Narcos, Mr. Robot, The Flash, and many others. This streaming quality is excellent, and you can also choose low quality if you have a sluggish internet connection and want to watch movies without lags.

Finally, the site allows you to simply search popular movies based on their IMDB rating, and there are only a few adverts and popups.

14. 5Movies

5Movies is a multi-faceted online portal that allows you to quickly watch movies, cartoon series, TV shows, and Asian dramas. Because there is a filter tool accessible, the site will only give you the type of content that you prefer to watch. You may quickly categorise movies based on nation or genre to make it easier to find the movies you enjoy watching.

If one of the streaming links on the site does not function, you can use the other one. 5Movies offers a very well-organized and user-friendly interface, and there are no false links on the site.

The site is constantly updating the available content, so you’ll always have access to the most recent information, and you won’t have to pay a dime for it. However, because it is a free platform, there are a few popups and adverts, but you can bypass them to continue watching. If YesMovie app is unavailable, you should watch movies on 5Movies.

15. Housemovie

Housemovie is a free online streaming website where you can view movies. The site offers links to user-submitted material and is totally financed by ad revenue. If you want to help it live and prosper, turn off your adblocker before you visit.


These are the top 15 YesMovies to alternatives, which are mostly free to use. You can also select one of them to begin watching your favourite movies and TV shows while on the go. To avoid being routed to another site, do not click on any of the adverts or links displayed in the popups.

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