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The Best Yify Movies (yifi movies) Proxy Sites and What You Need To Know About Using Them

Yify movies also known as (yifi movies) have become very popular over the years. You get the same HD movies and experience you would from a more well-known brand, but the file size is much smaller.

The Yifi movie (yify movies) experience comes in torrents. What makes this experience so appealing it works for those who live in rural areas and may not have the internet access others do.

Now, say, for example, you go to download a yts movie torrents package and it does not work. I have had that happen to me a few times. All that means is the website might not be available for that torrent package. It does not mean the quality is bad. It just means the download yify might not work for your location.

All you have to do is move onto the next option when that happens.

What are the other options available(depending on your IP address and VPN output)? We will break down the most popular seven options below.

1)The Pirate Bay

The speeds on the Pirate Bay range from fats to very fast(depending on which file size you pick). This thing has everything and is a preferred choice among movie and tv lovers. The Pirate Bay will work with most IP addresses and hold a lot of HD movies.

This thing includes tv and game choices to movies. You could even find some old and rare find here. The Pirate Bay is one of the best places to go if you want to find files that are obscure and out-of-print(with a few exceptions).

You can trust the uploaders on the site, which is why it is number one.

2)The EZTV Option

Do you love to watch tv? This is the choice for you. You can find anything on this site(once again, within reason). This site will carry almost everything you can think of, even things that places like Tubi and IMDB tv do no carry.


Do you like Anime( particularly, Japanese anime)? This is the place for you. It is one of the most(arguably) gifted sites for anime loves around. You can get everything from games and tv shows to movies. You ask almost anyone in the anime world, this is the go-to site.

Now, you can get English downloads too(they do not all come in Japanese). However, the majority of HD torrent downloads do come in Japanese. That means you might have to brush up on your Japanese if you cannot find what you are looking for in English.


This one makes the list due to the clean interface and wide selection. The interface is easy to use. Most users do not have an issue finding something on the site.

5)The ruTracker

Now, to be clear, this option is Russian-based, but you do not need to know Russian to understand what the site offers. Most people do find something on here to download, even a few surprised they did not know still existed.


I have run across this site. It is a pretty good Yifi site to visit. Now, to be clear(once again), this is a meta-search site. What you do is use the site primarily as a search engine. It will put together a list of where to find what you are looking for. That way there is no guesswork.


This option is for those who want just movies and tv. It will only offer verified uploaders. That way you know you are getting the verified torrent files, which can be an issue when it comes to torrent file downloading. RARBG is one of the more trusted sites to use( similar to Pirate Bay), but without some of the same selections.

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