14 Rabb.it Tv Alternatives in 2021

Rabb.it used to show your friends and family online video without being in the same room. When you talk in real-time, you can see television and movies. See below and the best solutions for the activities of Rabb.it.

Rabbit (aka Rabb.it TV) was a well-known consumer portal for browsing, communicating, and watching content in real-time. It was a coexistence fantasy. However, owing to its lack of funding and its millions of subscribers, Rabbit TV has ceased running. Also, Rabbit sold all its assets to Kast. On the other hand, Kast promises to place all of the functionality of Rabb. It on his website. Kast has recently introduced a range of new features, but it does not look correct.

Rabb.it facilitates the exchange of web browsers such as Chrome or Opera. It is now locked, so you don’t need to worry about several similar services like Rabbit. So, before Kast completes the transfer, we have created a list of top Rabbit alternatives with a standard function set. We’ve got the right Rabbit choices for you and go through the list.

14 Rabb.it Tv Alternatives

1. Tutturu:

Like Rabb.it is the web-based tool Tutturu.tv. Using a shared virtual browser, you can invite friends to your space to access any website you want.

All the ex-User of Rabb. Tutturu supplies it! Presented:

  • Private browsers and secure spaces! Private browsers!
  • In comparison, navigate interactively through your friends!
  • Audio and e-mail chat, with formatted message support

Your plans are as follows:

  • A frame of the network (iOS + Android!)
  • Against private neighborhoods! Residential communities!
  • Filming chat

It’s secure, Tutturu! It’s fast, Tutturu! Users must wait for free, but users are going to miss the queue! Membership costs $5 a month. Viewers are never expected to engage in a deal!

2. Kosmi:

Kosmi makes it easy for your friends to create interactive restaurants.

You can easily create a chat room, interact via webcam, micro, and various other activities that include without installation or registration:

  • Share your Netflix / Amazon Prime / Twitch tab or whatever is going on on your screen/browser app to watch it together.
  • Look at nearby video files synced.
  • View YouTube synchronized videos
  • Start an NES or SNES simulator that all room participants can play on multiplayer
  • Play Quake 3 game!
  • Arm a poker table with your Texas Holdem buddies to have a poker night
  • Start a virtual card table to play any card game with a regular card deck.

Instantly, the rooms can be linked through a URL or published in their public lobby, where aliens can inquire for entry to their room. A private chat with a Discord server run by Kosmi is also available in the hall.

Kosmi is also an ongoing SDK app portal where developers can create their own experiences and run within rooms. This framework uses Mobile technology like WebRTC and WebSockets, to stretch the boundaries to have the new real-time browser application experience.


Users can create a room and use turns to browse the internet along with their interactive browsers. Guests have high-quality video and audio for their film streaming requirements. The web pages you can view on a standard web browser can view. Love, Netflix’s what works!

Features invited include:

  • Free in private rooms virtual machinery
  • It is built-in chat and track sharing.
  • Complete scale up to 50 citizens

New and exciting features built for invited visitors, including:

  • Smartphone and laptop apps
  • Full voice and video chat features
  • Towards Gifs and Feelings

Guests can use an annual subscription fee of $5 a month and $50 a year. At the height of the subscriptions, you conveniently skip the queue waiting for space. On your Medium blog, you can find invited posts.

3. Watch2gether:

Rabb.it is a substitution website for Watch2gether like Rabbit.

Rabbit is also popular to watch videos, listen to music, and shop in the Amazon together. Live sync replication is plenty, and it does not take long to play movies or displays.

The site also has outstanding GIF chat features. Watch2ween is a great platform to access material through a shared purpose. See who you want something to do. Only tap and create a virtual press room. Enjoy movies and game shows, live sports, music and much more together, welcome family and friends in the room. You lie side by side; it’s like you lie. Good fortune! Good fortune! See the planet dynamics and discover them. See favorite topics, news breaks, viral videos, funny videos, and many more.

4. TogetherTube:

TogetherTube helps you create an immersive conversation with coordinated playout for all network members. Chat and reply to Coordinated Replay with your buddies. The video is coordinate with any user (play, pause, look). Talk to your friends and listen to them in real-time through our chat. YouTube-compliant websites support including some other distribution pages.

With TogetherTube, it is possible to build private or public chat rooms. Each member of the chat room will add videos from platforms to the playlist. The following videos more commonly view.

The website has several other functionalities, including the potential to set up the chat room settings. You may change the room name or even limit the use of videos by other people.

5. Andchill:

You can start viewing videos concurrently with someone else in the world with AndChill and create your own private or public chat space. It offers a simple user interface, with the option to share a single click of videos and audio files.

You will access several public chat rooms that are now available when you first visit the platform. You can see what others are looking at and how many people in the room are there when you enter. It is a perfect place to meet and connect new people with friends and colleagues.

6. Rave:

Rave is primarily a hub for news, but also a forum for social media. It would help if you shared your friends and family the videos and songs you enjoy or listen to. The website allows for handheld devices to be shared.

Tumblr, Vimeo, Viki, Viki, Google Drive, and Reddit have also supported sites. You will share your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts for streaming video or content. Rave fits for most platforms, including ios applications for the smartphones and tablets of iOS and Android. Rave is a mobile app for quickly sharing multimedia information. Twitter, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive. Text or audio conversation Combine your phones to create an instant speaker system for a film night in foreign countries. Rave offers iOS and Android applications for exclusive devices. In general, Rave is a web-based network, even as a social networking hub.

7. Netflix Party:

The Netflix Party (Netflix party) is an application to stream Netflix online with friends. Coordinates the video playlist and incorporates audience chat. In real-time, you can even speak to recordings. However, this extension does not function with local videos or any other network just for Netflix. It’s a website like Rabbit, but it’s not an app like Rabbit in a variety of ways.

8. Explorii App:

See who you want something. Only tap and create a virtual press room. Enjoy movies and game shows, live sports, music, and much more together, welcome family and friends in the room. You lie side by side; it’s like you lie. Good fortune! Good fortune! See the planet dynamics and discover them. See favorite topics, news breaks, viral videos, funny videos, and many more.

It is a modern smartphone app, primarily developed for interacting and discovering the environment to learn about the community, food, style, behavior, etc., of a country in particular. It’s not about that, though. Explorii is an all-in-one social networking software that provides texting, video clubs, private movie watch rooms, instant messages with friends and family, free internet phone calls, etc.

9. Share Tube:

Watch YouTube streaming in connexion with the latter! Build a room and enter a place and invite others. ShareTube is one of Rabbit’s best ways to set up a chatroom and invite family and friends easily. You invited to view YouTube coordinated videos, use Rabbit streaming platforms, and even build your playlist. It comes with one of the most open frameworks for configuring and navigating chat rooms without an account.

It lacks much of Rabbit’s features, but it gives family and friends a perfect video sharing experience.

10. MyCircle.TV:

MyCircle.tv is, without a doubt, one of the best options such as Rabb.it, as it can help users quickly display videos together. It has many sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, incorporated on its portal.

Users can directly play videos from the website, and all members can entirely orchestrate videos in the room. Users can also share URLs from other websites to view video content quickly. You chat on the interactiveness front with Emoji support, so it’s nice. MyCircle.tv is a popular website to look at the contents together.

11. Synoptop:

Synaptop is another online chat app that helps you watch a synchronized video via a remote link with friends or relatives. It is also available, but you need to build an account for the other options.

You install applications after you have built your account. You can screen movies, hear music, play games and read books, and even collaborate on work ventures with these applications. It is a remote desktop where all content types are shared. Both the applications are web-based, meaning you don’t have to download something. You can only pick films from the list of movies available on the website—the only concern.

12. Airtime:

Airtime is a smartphone app for iOS and Android smartphones. It helps you to share everything with your mates on your mobile device wherever they are.

You can watch videos, listen to music, create video group chats, or send messages together. It operates only with supported platforms, as with other applications. You can access synced YouTube videos or listen to Spotify songs. GIFs and games can be shared, too.

13. Syncplay:

Syncplay is a desktop or laptop downloadable software. It would be best to mount your friends and family on your machines to do the program.

The app begins a media center synced amongst linked users after installation. It helps you display your machine music or video files while syncing with your family and friends who share the same content. It is available for machines like Windows, MacOS and Linux. No smartphone edition is available. Nearly all video formats are nevertheless open to using and are supported.

14. KAST:

Kast is the latest successor of the Rabbit framework, as stated at the start of this article. It is predominantly desktop-oriented applications running on Windows, Mac and Web Browsers. An iOS ios app will be available soon.

Kast is a full chat and smartphone sharing to support video, audio, text and so on. It can also use to host film and TV parties for over 100 friends. You can also play games and share the excitement of online gaming with friends in real-time.

The app running on Mac and Windows is an application based on a computer. You can also find this substitution for RABBIT in your browser, and Kast is also available on iOS tablets.

It also runs channels like Bunny for viewing. More than 100 friends are organizing TV and film activities. Cast a full document, film, e-mail, shared voices, etc. You will also experience and share real-time games with your classmates.

Wrapping Up:

The 14 services are available to download and access material, listen to music with friends and family from all over the world. Rabbit television (aka Rabbit.it).

Although Rabbit was original, Rabbit has established so many substitutes that customers won’t miss it too much. The wide variety of available options, along with numerous pricing points and characteristics of-device, has encouraged customers to use the application they choose to use.

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