20 Best Project Free TV Alternatives in 2021

Project Free TV

Imagine how dull life without any entertainment source will be. Films and television programs have been a feature of our lives, after all.

An individual hopes to escape with non-stop, ad-free films at the end of the day or week, or continue to watch the program. The Website of project free TV is one such entertainment source.

Project Free TV is a standard free streaming site for online films and TV. It’s one of the oldest networks for streaming. The free TV project gives free access to a wide variety of HD-quality movies, and TV shows streamed here. As a free streaming service, many ISPs block free TV ventures. It could be because of these restrictions that you can’t access this Website in your country. In this situation, you need an alternative for this platform to stream the shows you would like to see. This online video free project TV streaming site will not host server episodes but will focus on an immense network of third-party content providers. In addition, like most free video websites, it accepts advertising, but it would not bear the copyrighted material obligation.

And the tremendous volume of copyright proprietors make of the appeal contributes to the closing of the oldest platform for streaming videos.

What Happened to Project Free TV?

The significant explanation behind the initial Project Free TV closure is that pirated material has been streamed. Project free TV was a fashionable illicit video location where people viewed TV shows without paying, ensuring that the legitimate film streaming markers such as amazon prime, NetFlix and Hulu, etc. lost the client base’s the correct amount.

Free film distribution platforms such as copyright content free project tv streams. It is easy to forbid the use of such websites by cybercrime experts and lawyers in each region. Users will unlock proxies for the streaming service. Many times, the copied or pirated content still devalue those pages via Google’s search engine. This is why massive free movie and tv distribution services want to change their domain names. We also condemn piracy, like Google. But if you are already looking for online TV show streaming sites, you can still use another search engine, such as duckduckgo.

Using ad blockers and VPNs to protect your privacy while visiting those pages. This keeps the Website from monitoring the details on third party pages and providing the identity. Both internet fans also enjoy web TV shows. Free TV shows streaming services and making it easier to watch news episodes online for people like you. But often, you find that the Website you’re searching for isn’t available anymore, and that’s the time to see this list of alternatives to free cable.

Project Free TV Mirror Sites:

The success of Project free tv has drawn many webmasters to launch the original Project Free TV mirror copies.

Project Free TV Mirrors

URL Status Speed SSL
www.projectftv.com  Online Very Fast  On
www8.project-free-tv.ag  Online Very Fast  On
www.projectfreetv.xyz  Online Very Fast  On
www.seriesfreetv.com  Online Very Fast  On
www1.projecfreetv.co  Online Very Fast  On
www.onprojectfreetv.site  Online Very Fast  On
projectfreetv.unblocked.app  Online Very Fast  On


These free-to-tv versions are full of pirated content. It’s not the right choice to visit those websites to stream tv shows online for free.

Just pay or tv free project online platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc. users can visit.

ProjectFree TV and Project Free TV alternatives work:

ProjectFreeTv is a website that broadcasts unlawfully pirated tv shows. Users can visit the new project-free Website to check for the latest episodes by looking for a tv-show name in the search box to access and download the newest tv-show episodes from projectFreetv. Projectfreetv.fun now has commercials on the Website, which makes them very easy to access. However, it is a pirating platform, and these pages can not be accessed.

Users will also access uploaded content of Project Free TV, WatchSeries, 123Movies, GoStream, PutLocker, GoMovies, Fmovies, Solarmovie, and Watch Free Videos. Webmasters post the new episodes from obscure sources.

Alternatives to Project Free TV

1. SolarMovies:

The Website that opens this list, one of the best choices for Free Project TV, is nothing but a solar video.

Solarmovies is a popular website with millions of users for movies and TV shows. The white set and the extra features are why so many people prefer this Website.

Next, the Website is entirely open, and advertisements won’t show up once the replay has finished. Also, the GUI is simple to use. The search bar on the homepage helps you to search for the desired content. Different philters also provide tips.

2. Yes Movies:

The name itself suggests it is time to say yes to films. Yesmovies is also an excellent alternative to free project tv. This Website has unique content with super quick streaming navigation.

It is available on this Website shows like How I met your mum, the anatomy of Greys, money heist, the Big Bang theory, and so forth. Free movies from Frozen 2, Jumanji: The Next Level, Joker, Underwater, Avenger: Endgame, Parasite, etc. are all fantastic.

YesMovies is like GoStream, except its incredibly sexy user interface. Besides, it also has an extensive film and TV library you can watch. The new updates to the shows you want to view on this web page are available as soon as possible. This is one of the big films and TV shows choices, giving you a simple but reliable solution for watching your favorite shows in HD quality online.

3. Gostream:

GoStream is a comparatively recent film and TV video platform. The reasons we added the HD streaming quality to our list. And most notably, you don’t even have to build an account to access the Website’s services. You can only continue to the Website and check for a show without any difficulty you want to see and stream. The use of this Website is convenient and makes it very fun and convenient. It has a remarkably primary user interface.

4. AZmovies:

As the name suggests, AZmovies covers the diversity and collection of a to z film and episodes.

Once again, this Website is an excellent substitute for free project TV. Both the movies and TV content can be downloaded free of charge. This Website’s navigation is quick and straightforward. This page would not need to bother with a lot of pop-up advertising. The Website displays “10 best movies,” “new movies,” and “simply installed” philters that help to determine what to stream. The site also includes 2020 releases such as Scoobi, The Outpost, The Chase, The High Note, Babyteeth, Tenet, etc. Overall, anytime you intend to call it a movie night, this Website will be your dream criminal buddy.

5. Crackle:

Crackle is another video streaming site funded by advertising that allows its users to watch different movies and TV shows. When playback is begun, the publicity does not turn up. This Website’s navigations are simple and easy for anyone to control. Unfortunately, however, in some regions, the Website is limited. The material on this Website is fantastic, and the quality of viewing is available in HD or 360p and 720p.

6. Movie 4U:

Movie4U is also the perfect option for Project Free TV, which features extensive material from TV shows and movies. This Website is still totally free of charge, even without registration, to stream favorite TV shows and movies.

Any philters can be conveniently picked from various genres, such as horror, action, humor, animation, biography, and many others. Nevertheless, in the year of release, you can see both movies or shows on the right side of the page. Besides, users can use the search option. Information such as summaries, release times, IMBD reviews, movies, or TV shows can be accessed only through floating the thumbnail. The whole content is generated by third parties that are not affiliated, and no content is held on their servers.

7. PopcornFlix:

PopcornFlix is a trusted, standard website for the downloading of free movies and TV shows. This covers a wide array of TV shows, documentaries, and viral videos. The key reason it is mentioned here as an alternative to the Project Free TV website is its vast content collection.

The Website’s video output isn’t that good, but it has an imposing structure. You can conveniently play your favorite TV shows with the interface, and you can even get the info like pacing, casting, directors, etc. by clicking one time. On their home page, films are listed as adventure, suspense, horror, mystery, comedy, and others by their genre. You may not have to pay to access the Website, either.

8. Vumoo:

Vumoo is another best choice for free TV ventures, providing a wide variety of free TV and streaming movies. There are no shows or movies you need to be registered here too.

Vumoo web architecture is straightforward and easy to use. It also provides a search box such that the content you want can be quickly found and played by entering the search box the name. It supports the streaming of content online, as well as watching free videos and watching television shows.

This includes an extensive library of different TV shows and HD quality films, from humor to fear. Not all the information about the movies such as date launched, genres, directors, authors, nation, runtime, star, IMBD, and others are provided on this Website like project free tv.

9. TV Duck:

TV Duck is a free streaming website convenient and a great website like Project Free TV. Although the interface is very decent and well designed, it is incredibly simple to use.

Not just this, it also allows premium services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, HULU, and iTunes to be streamed. On the main page, you can see a wide range of top TV shows and films. Not only this but it also periodically posts the new seasons, stars, previews, etc.

The video quality is still decent, and now it still helps you download the entire episodes and full-length movies for free in addition to the stream. You also get the specifics of the specific TV show or film, such as its genre, IMBD scores, full episodes, network, etc.

10. The 123Hulu:

The 123Hulu is also a decent website that you can use to stream free streaming movies and TV shows. This contains plenty of advertisements, much like Project Free TV, but never irritates people.

The material is also very nicely implemented on the Website, and an extensive catalog of recent and classic movies, Asian dramas, and TV shows can be searched. You can conveniently sort the material available at the top of the home page from various categories. This alternatives to Project Free TV also allows cartoons and animated movies to be viewed. The Website is wonderfully designed and extraordinarily immersive and free of charge as a convenient platform to view the number of new streaming movies and TV shows.

11. 123Movies:

123Movies is the last on our series, but a fantastic free TV project to stream HD quality TV shows and movies. It can also allow you to view HD resolution video; it also supports fast streaming speed.

The site’s interface is excellent and user-friendly. Different categories such as genre, country, top IMBD, and A-Z list are available on the home page to quickly sort. Episodes of the TV series are available in the USA, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Despite this, you can also quickly check by typing the names of movies or episodes. Not only the newly published material but also the old classics of various genres can be found here. Well, on the 123Movies online streaming platform, the signup option is available, but without signing up, you can still access the Website.

12. Cmovies:

Cmovies is one of the excellent websites when it comes to the Free TV Alternatives movement. It also contains a large selection of free online TV series as well as the new movies released. The architecture of the web is incredibly remarkable and easy to use.

You can also conveniently philter the content across various categories such as genre, country, television series, IMBD ratings. Despite this, you can get one particular REQUEST type here; here, you will request any TV shows or movies not available on the Website. Despite this, it offers the movie data by hovering on it like Region, Genre, Actor, IMBD ranking, runtime, and year of release, just like most of the above-listed places like Project Free TV. The great thing about the Cmovies website is that it is available in HD quality with all its content. You will have the new TV shows from the United States, Japan, and Korea here, too.

13. BMovies:

Bmovies is the best alternatives to Project Free TV, with an extensive library of free TV shows and videos on this platform. The content’s video quality is healthy and allows you to watch online series for free and save anything to watch offline later.

Like Project Free TV, the architecture of Bmovies is just like the users can easily watch and navigate the favorite TV series and easily access complete information. You still don’t have to register here to watch streaming TV shows or movies on the Website. You can see numerous categories, including Trending, Movies, Top IMBD, and episodes on the home page of the Website. But you can take out the one you want to watch quickly. Not only that, but a search feature is now available on the Website, so you can specifically search for your favorite movie or TV series.

14. Thewatchseries:

Another great platform, close to Project Free TV, is TheWatchSeries. It also features plenty of free streaming TV shows and films. Not only does it allow for video streaming, but you can also save your favorite content for offline access later.

The Website’s interface is almost entirely user-friendly, which makes it so popular with consumers. You can see content arranged into various sections on the home page. This Website is free from constraints, much as Project Free TV, which can be freely viewed anywhere worldwide at any time. The great thing about all this Website is that the content requires seamless uploading and is ad-free.

15. Seriesfreetv:

Seriesfreetv is also the best Website like Project Free TV, it provides excellent content, and in HD quality, you can watch the new TV series free online.

Not just this, the architecture, content, and most of the features of the SeriesfreeTV site are just identical to Project Free TV. You will also stream movies in HD quality, from old films to the latest launched online. Much like the Bmovies website, various categories such as film, genre, new, and upcoming can be found here. The architecture of this free Website for online streaming is well integrated and quick to use. On the home page of this Project Free TV alternative website, it is organized very nicely. But to open an internet subscription service with entire episodes of your favorite TV shows, you need to sign up for the Website.

16. Couch Tuner:

Another website that you can use as a comparison to Free Project TV is Couch Tuner. On this site, you can stream both movies and TV shows. It offers all of its content in full quality HD footage. It is a trendy platform for watching online TV shows. The TV shows and videos in decent video resolutions can also be downloaded here for free. It has a GUI that is very simple and interactive.

17. HDO:

On this Project Free TV alternative website, you can watch all forms of movies and TV shows online in HD quality, as the name implies. You will use it to stream TV shows and movies in distinct genres, such as horror, satire, suspense, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and many others. Without any registration, you will enjoy viewing all types of movies quickly. This site’s interface is intuitive and straightforward. Both the new movies and episodes on the webpage can be conveniently navigated.

18. Amazon Prime:

Another paying site for viewing and uploading films and TV shows and other media types is Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime also makes its programs, including Netflix, which generally go super-hit. This Website’s interface is impressive, and because it’s paying, there are no advertisements. Besides, if you make an order, you can still gain access to Amazon music and additional Amazon shipping services. Also available is a free trial for Amazon Prime.

19. Stream2Watch:

Are you a fan of sports? If so, you can pay a visit to Stream2watch. For about any sport out there, including soccer, basketball, boxing, cricket, swimming, darts, American football, golf, handball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, UFC, motorsports, among others, the platform has live feeds among streams.

To start watching, all you have to do is enter the name of a case into the popular search bar and grab a popcorn bag (actually, popcorn is optional).

20. Watchfree:

Watchfree is a video entertainment platform with a tremendous name that has it all: Hollywood classics and independent flicks and TV shows worldwide. For most shows on the web, multiple outlets are available, so if you happen across a sluggish stream, you still have many choices to choose from.


So, some of the top-rated pages, such as Project Free TV, and if you enjoy watching free internet TV shows and videos, then look at the websites listed.

In content and GUI, both websites are fantastic and offer the content’s consistency, much like the websites pay for.

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