Storiesig Info: 15 Best StoriesIG Alternatives Apps and Similar Sites

Lets discuss StoriesIG Alternatives Apps and Similar Sites. You may view your friends’ Instagram stories to see what they’re up to on a daily basis. Many individuals use them to express fleeting moments from their daily life while saving their main account for better, more businesslike photos because they are only active for 24 hours.

What is Storiesig Info?

Instagram stories do have one drawback (or advantage? ), though: if you view someone else’s tale, they may see that you did so. There is no way to observe someone’s Instagram story with them realizing you are doing it if you want to secretly stalk an ex or a friend.

Of course, you could always create a phony account, but that would require some effort, and they may ultimately discover it was really you and block you. Even if they don’t block you, they will be aware that you are following them if they discover or think you established the bogus account.

StoriesIG is a fantastic answer to this issue. Without even having an Instagram account, it enables you to access any publicly accessible Instagram story on a different platform. You may download stories to your device in addition to viewing them online.

There are several StoriesIG info substitutes that do the same function even better. Some of these are Instadp,, and Instalkr. However, Inflact, which provides a number of helpful features to snoop into Instagram stories, is the finest StoriesIG substitute.



Why is Storiesig not Working? Why You Need StoriesIG Alternatives?

StoriesIG has a number of drawbacks. The first limitation is that it only displays Instagram stories from the previous day. On the profile’s home page, there is no list of Instagram highlights. Additionally, it does not let you examine a profile photograph up close or display Instagram posts.

When a private account asks to follow you, you may want to check out their profile picture to be sure you recognize them. Instagram profile pictures, on the other hand, are extremely tiny and cannot be resized.

It is possible to expand Instagram profile photographs with other Stories apps. This is true even for confidential accounts because profile photographs are always visible to everyone, regardless of how private the account is overall.

StoriesIG is unreliable in addition. I used to use it frequently, but lately it hasn’t been functioning well and frequently displays an error message. There are many storiesig. info versions available, just to be clear. There are sites like and, for instance.

However, neither of them is adequate. Although displays posts from Instagram, it does not display highlights, and both of these have connection and error concerns. is essentially the same as; the two websites are virtually identical. For me as well, it was completely ineffective.

StoriesIG is not the ideal choice if you are interested in downloading your material to make a copy of your Instagram profile. Even if you utilize, which does enable you to download your posts, it is difficult to use and requires a lot of time. As I noted earlier, there are superior storiesig. info substitutes available. Learn more about them by reading on.

15 Best StoriesIG Alternatives Apps and Similar Sites

1. Dumpor


Dumpor is a fantastic substitute for StoriesIG since it not only enables anonymous viewing of posts and stories, but it also enables account-free searching of Instagram for posts relating to particular hashtags or places.

You may view the content posted on your chosen account, as well as the number of comments and likes each post received and the date it was published. You do not receive those stats from storiesig. info.

I enjoy how it makes it easy to locate accounts of all kinds that are connected to the one you’re interested in. For instance, if you put Kardashian into your search bar, several fan profiles will also appear in addition to the official Kim Kardashian account. When you wish to study an account but are unsure of the precise username, that function may be helpful.



Another one of my favorites is In contrast to StoriesIG, it allows you to easily see the specific highlights you wish to watch while still showing you current stories and highlights. You initially view all of a profile’s stories when you first enter it. You may download each of the stories by scrolling down to view them all.

After you have gone down and seen all of the most recent stories, the highlights will show up. To view an array of story highlight covers, select the View Highlights section.

To view all the covers, scroll down. The highlights on every cover won’t be displayed immediately; instead, they will all be visible after you select a cover. To access the following cover, scroll past the last set of highlights.

3. Apkun








The excellent StoriesIG substitute Apkun allows you to browse both stories and posts as well as post metrics, which StoriesIG app does not. Even if there are several ads, the page still functions, so just be patient. To locate related profiles, type in any name or hashtag. Next, choose the profile to view the posts and stories.

4. Inflact


ADInflact has replaced Ingramer. It is a great substitute for StoriesIG since it allows you to see posts in addition to stories and lets you download them. You may use the profile viewer function to see a specific profile if you have been restricted by an account or don’t have an Instagram account.

Inflact also makes it simple to download Instagram videos and images. If you would like to download a YouTube clip, just grab the URL and paste it into the tool. A video that has been posted to someone’s Instagram profile cannot be downloaded directly from Instagram.

If you subscribe to the premium plan, you may download whole profiles in bulk in addition to any image, video, or IGTV video. If you wish to back up your account because you are concerned about having it blocked and losing your images, you may even use your own profile.

5. Instalkr


An extremely excellent website called Instalkr has many capabilities that StoriesIG cannot. It first enables you to view recent postings and stories. But it goes much deeper than that as well. You may purchase “tracking packages,” which start at minimum charges, if you create a free account.

When you follow an account, you may view not just recent updates but also anything that the account published but subsequently removed. Additionally, you will see details like.  The Instagram items that this account loves. The posts on which they are leaving comments, including any since-deleted ones.  They follow and unfollow these accounts. Other accounts that are fans of this account’s postings. Other accounts commenting on posts from this account. On StoriesIG app , none of these functionalities are available.



6. InstaStories


An ideal substitute for StoriesIG is Instagram Stories, not to be mistaken. I thought it was incredibly speedy because it immediately displayed stories and posts without any of the delays or problems that are so typical when using StoriesIG.

By clicking on it, you can download any article or post. The website has a wonderful user experience despite simply allowing you to see stories and posts since it loads quickly and lacks a lot of obtrusive ads or pop-up windows. It also doesn’t have annoying captchas, which makes it a fantastic choice if you just want to quickly glance at someone’s stories or posts.


7. 4K Stogram







You may download the program 4K Stogram to your personal computer’s desktop in order to download Instagram posts and stories. The option to save highlights and the capacity to download private Instagram material with the consent of the account owner are only a few of the capabilities it offers over StoriesIG app.

Due to the fact that 4K Stogram is not free, I have not included it higher on this list. Instead, you will need to purchase a license in order to use the program; the good news is that this is a one-time payment rather than a subscription. You cannot, however, download postings that have captions since doing so is more expensive. I advise you to look at the 4K Stogram pricing page for the most recent information on prices.

8. Instadp



One of the best applications for uploading stories on Instagram, highlights, and images is Instadp. Its user interface is very simple to use. Start by typing in a profile name or searching for one in the search box at the top of the page. You can return and examine an account again after viewing it since it will be stored in the search result until your cookies are cleared. Four sections will be included full-size profiles and story reels.

The feature of Instadp that I enjoy the most is that when you go to the Stories button, you will see both stories that have been uploaded in the last 24 hours and story highlights. The highlight covers and categories for each article will be precisely the same as those seen on the profile page. Conversely, StoriesIG does not display Instagram highlights.

However, unlike Instagram, you won’t need to keep swiping left to view one story after another when you click on any of the story highlights. Instead, you will just need to scroll down to see all of the article highlights that were under the headline that you clicked on. When finished, just click on the back button to return to the Stories page and select a different story’s highlights cover. Each tale and narrative highlight are available for download.

9. Save Instagram


You may download Instagram photographs, videos, stories, reels, and profile pictures with the feature called Save Instagram.

It works and lets you download a lot of StoriesIG; however, it can be a little bit glitchy occasionally, so you might need to try a few times before loading whatever it is you are attempting to load.

10. Anon IG Viewer


I prefer Anon IG Viewer to Stories IG since it is simpler to use and loads pages quickly. You may browse all of the posts and stories, as well as download them all.

Additionally, the search box will right away load recommendations of the top profiles connected to your search phrase once you put a name into it, making it simple to locate the precise material you’re looking for. StoriesIG doesn’t carry that out.

11. Bigbangram


Because it allows you to download a lot more content than StoriesIG, including highlights and whole profiles, Bigbangram is a great substitute. The full set of their Instagram downloader options is available here.

Simply input the login into the relevant tool to download a full profile. The full profile will then be displayed to you, and you may decide which pictures, videos, stories, and highlights you want to save.

Both using Bigbangram for free and without having to register an account are options. Although it may take a while for a whole profile to load, downloading is simple, and there are no irritating captchas to complete.

12. StoriesGrams








Unlike StoriesIG, StoriesGrams offers metrics on the account you are studying in addition to letting you download stories and posts.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again because the tool might occasionally be a little glitchy. How long, on average, did it take between each post? Overall, I think the UI is better than StoriesIG’s. I like the layout and user experience more.

13. Instasaved








Because Instasaved allows you to download highlights, articles, and profile images in addition to stories, it is a fantastic substitute for StoriesIG. Additionally, I discovered that it loads much quicker than StoriesIG.

Simply type in any name into the sidebar to get a list of their most recent stories. The other features, which let you save highlights, posts, videos, IGTV, and profile images, are accessible by switching tabs.

14. Barinsta


Barinsta is something completely distinct. It is not an easy downloader like StoriesIG; rather, it is a real Instagram client. You don’t need a profile on Instagram to use it, and it is clean and simple to use without any intrusive advertisements. However, you can download your personal stuff if you have an Instagram account and log in with it, which you cannot do when the app is in public mode.

You may always download open stuff, though, even if you’re not signed in or using an account. Nearly all of Instagram’s content, including stories, hashtags, and posts, may be seen without creating an account. When logged in, you may use the application to reply to comments and send direct messages.

15. izoomYou







izoom You are a great StoriesIG substitute for enlarging profile photographs. Any profile image, whether it is public or private, will be shown much larger so you can see precisely what is happening, who is in the image, and what they are doing. Additionally, you may see Instagram stories and posts with izoomYou.


Final Words

Given that it is the most dependable of all the websites I have tried, I would continue to recommend Inflact as the ideal StoriesIG substitute.

Even though they are generally trustworthy, several of these websites occasionally experience server issues and can occasionally experience latency when obtaining public information from Instagram.

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